This is where you make your picks.  Please click on the link below to take you to the Pick Sheet Page.

It is important to me that you follow the instructions for this page. At the top right of the pick sheet, there is a drop down box where you would select your name and you can then make your picks.  PLEASE BE SURE YOU SELECT YOUR NAME!!  Then make your picks and be sure to put in your TIEBREAKER (the total score of the championship game) for example if the final score is 71 to 70 then you would put in 141 as the tiebreaker points.  Before you submit your picks, please notice at the bottom of the sheet there is a "Comments Box".  I would like you to TYPE YOUR NAME  in that box and then submit your pick sheet. 

The reason for doing this is because there is no way for me to figure out whose pick sheet is whose without having to go through the whole roster every time a sheet is submitted.  Putting your name in the Comments Box let's me know right away when I download it.  I appreciate everyone paying attention to this.

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