Congratulations to Week 7 Winner

Lou Wasik

 Lou has been in both of my pools forever and what a great guy he is.  I'm always happy when Lou wins and of course very jealous to.  He's been through a lot and deserves only good things.  I hope he wins again some time after I do.  Good going Lou you DO deserve it.

The Lions now are on a streak...2 in row.  Not getting my hopes up yet but seems something has happened and they look like they are playing a little better.  Now if we can get a lead and hold it and not have to win these things in the last 2 seconds of a game then I'll think about starting to believe in them again.  I don't care what anybody says, Matt Stafford is a great quarterback.  All those years (12) that he's been here and never got protection has hurt his image.  He's tough and takes a hit with the best of them and has a great arm and is very accurate.  What else could you want in a quarterback??  The running game is getting decent and I believe we COULD make the playoffs with a little luck and some protection.  Need to tighten up the defensive backs and stop playing so softly.  The one area I think they need to improve on is stopping the crossing routes.  They give up a lot of yardage in that area.  I should be a coach.  At least I should make the salary they make!!!!

I also wanted to say I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and using all of the precautions that are mandated...using masks, washing hands, staying home when you can.  I want us all to come out of this being healthy and strong.   I wish you all the very best and hope you and your family are good.