Congratulations to Week 17 Winner

Bill Peters

(Bill is my nephew and a really great guy and now he's won 2 weeks in a row.  He struggles with the Lions every week.  He wants to pick them but knows he can't because they suck so badly.  Well, like every other year he finds a way to win a week and vows every week he'll never pick the Lions again no matter what!  You did it again pal you sure deserve it.)

Congratulations to the Year End Winners

1st Place:   Dave Hakalo

2nd Place:   Jim Jordan

3rd Place:  Tie  Jim Thoms and Ray Holowicki

First,  I want to take the opportunity to wish all of you a  Happy and Healthy New Year.  May all your wishes come true.  You are all important to me and being part of my pools means so much to me.  Thank you for participating and I hope you continue.

I hope the Lions take this opportunity and get some serious players in here and take advantage of the high draft pick they have.  For crying out loud how about changing the attitude here and start developing players instead of just picking and not do anything with them!!  I'm still holding out hope that we get at least a playoff contender in here before I cash in!!

(Please read the instructions on the Pick Sheet page they are VERY important!!)