Hello everyone and welcome to the 2020 NFL Season.  This, I believe, will be the strangest year we've ever seen in football.  I hope the NFL has done everything it can to keep the players safe so that we can enjoy a full season of football.  I don't want it to come down to  losing the season in the middle of it by somehow cancelling. 

I also wanted to say I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and using all of the precautions that are mandated...using masks, washing hands, staying home when you can.  I want us all to come out of this being healthy and strong.   I wish you all the very best and hope you and your family are good. 

Enjoy the season and know that things for the pool are exactly the same... nothing has changed except the Lions are going to have a great season and we'll see them in the playoffs. I'm eternally optimistic because we need to see a winner here for a change.