Congratulations to Week 11 Winner

Shawn Watkins

(Shawn is a great friend of mine from work.  He's like a boss or something (not my boss) but he wields a big stick for sure!  He's really a wonderful guy and works hard at trying to win this thing and I'm really happy for him  he deserves it.  Proud of you Pal.)

The Lions didn't get their butts kicked as I had previously predicted but they still lost.  Driscoll had a pretty good game for only being his 2nd start.  But Stafford could have been the difference in winning against Dallas .  We need so much help and I know we have injuries but come on so do a lot of the other teams.  Our bench pretty much sucks.  When, when, when will we get a team in here that wins?????  Come on Management, its getting late in MY career and I would love to see a championship before I retire for good!!  HELP ME OUT! 

(Please read the instructions on the Pick Sheet page they are VERY important!!)