Congratulations To Week 1 Winner

Ed Augustyn

My neighbor Ed who came back to the pool this year after a year's rest!  Welcome back and way to go!!


Hmmmmmmmm  is this the same old Lions?  The defense was horrible, the offense was very offensive until the 4th quarter and Goff was a little better than mediocre!  I don't know if anyone else noticed, but every team in our division lost in Week 1.  Green Bay looked like the Lions have for 54 years.  Do you think Aaron Rogers may have thrown the game?  (just kidding) I think he's just getting old.  We'll see how we do against them on Monday Night.  Watch out for Roger's Hail Mary!  The Lions and Monday Night football??  The NFL must be having a slow television week for the Lions to be playing in Prime Time.   The division is up for grabs and right now it looks like Chicago has the edge.  It remains to be seen!!