Congratulations To Week 6 Winner

Jim Thoms

(Jim has been in the pool a few years now.  He lives in Viginia and I love to brag about him.  He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (a few years ago now) and made me a very proud uncle.  He has a wonderful family and is quite the engineer.  The thing is he NEVER helps me make my picks but I still love him.  Way to go Jim!)

Well, I want to thank the NFL Officials for calling such a stellar game!!!! 3 penalties that were not there and turned the whole complexion of the game in the favor of the Packers.  The Detroit Lions are the Scapegoat of the NFL when it comes to the officiating crew no matter which crew it is.  It has happened for years and will continue until the end of time.  It is so frustrating to watch because you just know it's going to happen against the Lions.   I've said it before and I'll say it again,  The NFL officiating is the worst of ALL professional sports bar none.  I'm sick of it. I've written to the NFL several times and never even got a response so you can see they don't give a damn.  I just hate when the officials decide the game and not the players.

Go Lions anyway!!!

(Please read the instructions on the Pick Sheet page they are VERY important!!)